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A challenging 2D platformer which is in its first playable version.  You can earn some money in different levels (getting coins and openning chests), stomp on enemies and buy upgrades to get stronger. There are three different worlds with a boss at the end of each one.

It's my very first developed game so I just want to learn from my mistakes and see how players feeling about playing it. 

I hope you enjoy and thanks for playing!


No lives, no checkpoints, just beat it in one try!

You can die how many times you want, but you will lose 5 coins for each one.

I recommend to play it in fullscreen mode.

Compatible with keyboard or Xbox 360 controller.


Art: bevouliin.com, Kenney.nl, pzUH and LudicArts.

Music: CodeManu.

Install instructions

1 - Download the zip file.

2 - Extract it.

3 - Ignore the Crocoboy_Data folder and open the Crocoboy.exe file.


Crocoboy.rar 20 MB

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